Eastern Kansas Royalty Owners Association

Eastern Kansas Royalty Owners Association is an association of mineral interest owners that have royalties paid to them as an oil and gas lessor, those with concerns of gas and oil, and now new energy technologies. Having acknowledged a need on this side of the state of Kansas for this kind of representation, a steering committee was formed in early 2006 and the association was formed.

As a fledgling group our numbers are important. Membership dues and seed money helped grow our organization. Membership is done by the year with annual meetings and newsletters that inform our members of concerns and accomplishments about this serious issue.

Our Mission

  1. Promotion of higher business standards and better business methods and encouragement of uniformity and cooperation by producers and royalty owners.

  2. To provide, fair and equitable treatment of royalty owners.

  3. To provide, encourage, and promote exploration and production in Kansas while preserving, protecting, advancing, and representing the interests and rights of Kansas Land, mineral and/or royalty owners through education, advocacy, and assistance to the corporation members, governmental bodies and the public.

  4. To engage in any other lawful act or activity for which the corporation may be organized under the Kansas General Corporation Code: provided, however, that such activities would not disqualify the organization as being described in Section 501 (6) of the Code and the United States Treasury Regulations promulgated there under.